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Sand casting is one of the oldest methods of creating metal castings. Sand casting can have a lower start up cost than other castings methods. The castings produced with sand casting will need a minimum wall thickness of .25" and will not hold dimensional tolerances as close as some other casting methods. Sand castings can produce parts at a low cost per part and will have a lower start up cost than most other casting processes.There are not many Florida Sand Casting foundries still in operation. Many of the operating sand casting foundries are located further north in more temperate climates.

We can review your current design for producibility through the sand casting process and offer an estimate for tooling and price per piece. 

Sand Casting Process

Aluminum Sand Castings

Aluminum sand castings in Florida are one of out specialties. We can help you aluminum castings with many different aluminum alloys.

Iron Sand Castings

We are also able to help you with your Iron sand castings in Florida. Our Iron casting foundry pours both ductile and grey iron sand castings.

Aluminum Sand Castings in Florida
Florida sand casting
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In addition to pouring your sand castings, we offer secondary operations to complete your parts including

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