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We are a second generation family owned business and have been active in Florida for over 30 years. If you need custom metal parts made to print, then you are in the right spot. Our representatives can review your designs and give you an estimate of cost to produce your parts. We work hard to find the most cost effective solution for your parts without sacrificing quality.

One of the biggest benefits of consulting with Cost Effective Technology on your custom metal components in Florida is that we are able to assist with multiple different manufacturing techniques. We will not try to force a square peg in a round hole because that is the only solution we have. We can help with almost any casting in Florida. We can also help with custom metal stamping, machined parts, rubber parts, and plastic parts in Florida. We will provide an estimate to produce your parts from the best manufacturing option for your specific design. 

Our Services

We Provide Multiple Casting Solutions

Sand Castings

Sand casting is a very cost effective way to make custom metal parts from molten metal in small or large quantities.

Aluminum Castings
Die Castings

Die casting is used for high volume production of complex metal parts that require close tolerances on the features of the part.

Investment Castings

Metal parts can be made from a wide range of metal alloys with investment casting. Investment cast parts can be produced.

V-Process Castings

The v-process can produce parts in large or small quantities due to its affordable and long lasting patterns. Through this unique process parts.

graphite mold casting
Graphite Mold Castings

Graphite mold tooling presents an option to create parts similar to die cast parts with a much lower initial tooling price.


Liquidmetal offers a unique molding process to create high strength accurate parts in medum to high volumes.

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