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Cost Effective Technology, Inc was started more than two decades ago with the goal to help our clients get their parts produced in the most cost effective way possible. Our florida casting specialists have been trained in all of the traditional metal casting processes and they are constantly learning about any new casting technology that becomes available.

Aluminum Castings

Our consultants are trained with your best interests in mind. Whether you are a large military contractor or a small Florida contract manufacturer, we can help you fulfill your production needs. We work with custom metal, rubber, and plastic parts in any quantity. If you need metal stampings or castings in Florida made to print, we can help.

Over the years our consultants have helped with challenges in all stages of the production process from resolving procurement issues with other suppliers to helping to produce rapid prototypes of castings in Florida to prove out designs.  If you have customer components that need to be produced, we are your custom component specialists for Florida.  

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