Graphite Mold Castings

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Graphite Mold Casting

The Graphite mold casting process is used to produce close tolerance parts similar to die casting in small to medium quantities. The process is actually classified as graphite permanent mold casting.

We produce our molds from easily and rapidly machinable graphite material. This makes the tooling lead time much shorter and the tooling cost much lower than most hard tooling options. 

Graphite Mold Casting

Zinc-Aluminum Castings

We produce our castings with ZA-12 which is a high strength zinc-aluminum alloy. This alloy is easily machinable, non-magnetic, non-incendiary, and spark-proof. Our zinc aluminum castings can be machined and finished similar to other cast materials.

Rapid prototype Graphite Mold Castings

We are able to produce our molds in 3-6 weeks and pour first samples. If you need rapid protoype castings in Florida we can help. Once you have a prototype and confirm the design, we can use the mold to run production quantities making this process a very affordable option for prototype through small and medium quantity production.

Graphite permanent molds
graphite permanent molds
graphite mold casting

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